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What are Quikcell cases made of?

Every Quikcell case undergoes their own unique design process from start to finish. This includes selecting the materials that will be used to carry out that design. 
While every case is unique, the most common materials used in all Quikcell cases can be found below: 
This form of plastic is known for being safer, hypoallergenic, extremely flexible, and environmentally friendly.
Also known as Themoplastic Polyurethane, is a mixture of hard plastic and strong rubber; more durable, scratch-resistant, color-stability, and liquid resistant. 
Also known as Polycarbonate, is a naturally transparent plastic, offering one of the highest impact strengths in plastics and often will include additives such as ultraviolet stabilizers to protect from long-term sun exposure. 
Synthetic Leather 
Also known as "faux" leather. An eco-friendly alternative to real leather that provides a surplus of benefits. With a synthetic leather, you are gaining a material better suites for resisting liquids and maintaining color with special UV protectants built into the material itself. It's also extremely resilient to scratches and scrapes, where real leather is not.


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