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What is Power Delivery?

USB Power Delivery (PD) is the latest standard in universal charging that allows for a faster and more flexible charging experience. The biggest perk of Power Delivery? PD has increased standard power levels of up to 100W, meaning your devices can charge much faster than ever before. 

As an added perk, Power Delivery also ensures that devices are not overcharging and only provides the necessary amount of charge needed, making PD a safer and more efficient charging experience for all your devices. Unlike more traditional charging methods where each device charged by USB has its own separate adapter, with Power Delivery, a range of devices - not just smartphones - can share their charges and power each other over a USB connection, making PD a streamlined, hassle-free way to go about charging all your devices - from smartphones, to laptops, to drones and more. Power Delivery is built to power high-energy phones and devices with ease and efficiency. With PD, now you can rest assured knowing that your devices will charge faster and safer, allowing you to get back to 100% quicker than ever.

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